How to Keep A Baby Entertained?

Steps on How to KeepA Baby Entertained Funny Faces. SmilePlay Keeping a baby entertained requires a lot of effort. We usually do cuddling to ensure that they are comfortable and pleased. Since babies are very sensitive to things and their sensory organs are still developing, steps on how to keep a baby entertained can be of great help for parents and babysitters.

Playing makes the baby happy.

Babies usually loves to play. A baby is happy when he hold something in his hands. Giving him toys with bright colors will surely enhance his vision; thus it will help to keep him entertained. For instance, you can also play in front of the baby to to attract him wih the moving objects. Babies are usually entertained with things that move. You can also play with happy faces to get the attention of the bay. The more you show interesting moves, the more he’ll be entertained.

Make Noise or Preferrably Sing a Song

Sound usually invites the baby’s attention. Babies are even sensitive in hearing sounds; hence they are fond of exploring it. Soundmakers like a set of keys and a rattle are good in entertaining a baby. With these, you can let a baby hold such objects that he can create the sound that he wants. In this manner, a baby’s auditory skills are still developing. This is the reason why they love to hear noise. On the other hand, you can also sing any lullaby songs to entertain a baby. Listening to a lovely voice is also appealing into the baby’s ear.

Entertain a baby by shaking his own body A baby is easily

entertained with a lot of things including shaking his own body. His own bodily movements can make him happy. However, assistance in doing this is highly recommended. In wiggling a baby’s body, you can either clap his hands or sway his body back and forth. In doing this, you accompany it with your happy face and you create good sounds so that it would be more entertaining for the baby.